From july 2, 2014 Sweden has extended the rules and regulations for building a complementary house on your property. It is now free to build a so called "attefallshus", which can be up to 25 square meter on your property, without a building permit.The fristuga is also available in a 25 m2 version, and meets the requirements for the "attefallshus" regulations.

We're not only interested in building nice cabins, but we also want to offer an alternative to the stressed-out day to day life. A way of finding rest again. In a authentic environment, where you can relax and come away from a society, where we have to perform and be online 24/7..

The key words are simplicity, a personal touch and good craftmanship, wich results in a cabin of high quality. Solid beams, live edge panelling, fully insulated roof-, walls- and floor, so you can use the cabin all year round, and a old fashioned iron stove in the heart of the cabin, completed with a porch where you can sit and relax outside.

Our cabin, the Fristuga, comes in two types. One type is an independent cabin, that you can place wherever you want. It is totally independent from the community water and electricity.The other type is a cabin that is connected to community water and electricity.

Our Fristuga is not a mass product. We are a small company and love to give each cabin a personal touch. We can pack your cabin with quality, comfort and smart solutions. Do you want a hunting cabin, a fishing cabin or just a place to relax or to have extra room for guests? It's all possible!

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