A good thing with our Fristuga is, that we finish the building proces in dry building circumstances and move it by truck to the place where you want to place it. There is only some work on the outside of the roof left, which can be fixed in one day, by our own competend carpenters. This is included in the price of your Fristuga.

Because we are a small building company, delivery times can differ, dependend on the demand. He who comes first,will be served first.

The drawings that you need to inform the local authority, that you are placing an "attefallshus" on your property, as well as the drawings for the foundation are included in the price. When we deliver a cabin, we require that the foundation is finished in time. The foundation is not included in the price, because it depends very much on the conditions of the ground. Of course we can make you a separate offer for the foundation. .

If you have  chosen to connect the cabin to community water and electricity, the connection is a minor jobb that will be done by a local electrician and plumber. This is not included in the price because it depends very much on each individual situation.

If you are interested, we can show you a fristuga (the same one that is photographed on this website), and talk about the possibillities with our fristuga's. Together we can talk over a cup of coffee or tea and hear about your wishes, so we can make you a good offer, and eventually start building your cabin.

The price for a fristuga starts at SEK 330.000,- (price in swedish krones ,swedish tax included) 

Please feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you!

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