The company that builds the fristuga is Sibea AB. The two partners that run the buildingcompany are Johan Arnell and Edo van der Maas. They have a long history of renovation and restauration of houses, as well as building new houses.

With the fristuga they have combined over 20 years of building experience and knowledge and made it into a cabin.

When the rules and regulations on cabins broadened, they saw a chance to work with their dream: to build cabins.

A special  cabin that can be placed everywhere, that people can invest in and enjoy and even sell again or place somewhere else when necessary.
An independend cabin, with smart solutions and an authentic style that fits todays people.
Something different, with affordable quality.
So they built the fristuga. And people were enthusiastic. They liked it a lot.
And now the company shifted from regular contracters work, to building cabins.

Your cabin if you like.

Johan Arnell is a carpenter with a long experience as an entrepreneur. His dream to build the fristuga is rooted in his interests: fishing, nature and wildlife.

”Today you have to be online 24/7. One dreams of something different, to escape those demands. It is wonderful to take a week off and relax, meet yourself again. To live in the woods, set your own parameters, to fish and get some peace of mind."

Edo van der Maas is a building engineer and entrepreneur as well as carpenter. He has a special love for old houses. When he changed the citylife in Holland for the swedish countryside, he took his passion for old houses with him:

”Old swedish houses have that special atmosphere, especially log houses. My passion for old houses even resulted in moving an old log house, that we took apart and assembled again on our farm. We found out it was possible to create almost the same atmosphere with the newer materials we had to use in renovating part of the old building. We also discovered how to (re-)use old material to get that special atmosphere in a house. We tried even a green roof, and this worked out very well with the newer methods they have developed today.”

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